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From the GSA/ Queer Initiative [Jan. 25th, 2010|02:44 pm]
University of Colorado at Boulder


The following paragraph is being forwarded from the Queer Initiative at CU:

"The members of the Queer Initiative would like to let you know that Fred Phelps and his church are coming to CU's campus today to protest the gay marriage debate. QI members are going to meet in the UMC Atrium at 5:45 pm before marching out together to Chem 140. We are planning on silently protesting them with signs and flowers."

Let me 411 you:
Fred Phelps, for those of you who do not know, is the individual who infamously coined the term "G-d hates f*gs." He and his congregation will be on OUR campus tonight, protesting the "Gay Marriage Debate (that is scheduled to take place in CHEM 140 at 7.00pm)," between Maggie Gallagher, the president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)--which is the institution responsible the "Gathering Storm" ad that ran in tandem with California's "Prop 8" campaign, and Jonathan Rauch, a journalist, contributing editor of The Atlantic, and gay rights activist.

The Queer Initiative has organized a counter-protest to Fred Phelps' presence, and the more people we have there, the better. There is material in the LGBTQ Resource Center to create signs (which will not be allowed inside the lecture hall, but will be used at the protest prior), so if you have time, please do make and bring your own. Wear "Queer gear," and try to be as visible as possible. This is a "peaceful" protest, and we do not want anyone getting in trouble, or getting hurt, but this man CANNOT be allowed to enact this type of behavior without check.

Phelps and his daughter are banned from entry to the United Kingdom, and he is planning on coming onto OUR campus to spread hate. Do not ignore this.

Here is the BBC article:

Here is Phelps' website:

Here is how they feel about Boulder:

Meet in the UMC Atrium at 5.45pm. We will stand in solidarity from 6.00pm-7.00pm, which is when the "debate" begins. I put "debate" in quotation marks, because, let's face it--love and human rights are NOT debatable.